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New Mossley Chippy offers a great variety and quality of food.

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Category Chip Shop
Sit In You can not sit inNo Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 2 Ballyearl Drive
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT36 5XJ
Phone Number 028 90849465
Disabled Facilities New Mossley Shopping Centre

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Comments and Reviews on New Mossley Chippy

There now follows 31 other reviews of New Mossley Chippy

Heard I had to go to this chippy as it was the best. I have to disagree, the staff are rude and caked in make-up. The prices are pretty steep and I was expecting heaven on a fork. Ordered a £6.50 chicken burger meal, and £4.10 sausage supper. The chip portions are dire, and the chips tasteless, I wasn't offered salt or vinegar, the chicken burger was tasty, but for 6.50? Not good value.

The bag was flung over the counter, with not even so much as a smile.

I won't be back.

Submitted by T on 11/10/2013

gravy chip with peas and onions nomnomnom or a curry chip with two battered sausages ... get in me!

Submitted by loves it on 31/07/2012


Submitted by RAY!! on 07/06/2012

Best Chippy in Glengormley

You have tried the rest..

Now try the best..

well done The Chippy New Mossley

Submitted by Brian on 26/06/2011

The best food in Newtownabbey.

New delivery service is fast

Submitted by David on 19/06/2011

I use the chippy every week without fail and the dedecation of the staff always shows in how clean the shop is to the quality of the food the best chippy by far and I have been to a lot! They now do deliveries to and the food arrives quick and pipping hot a great chippy worth every penny

Submitted on 18/06/2011

i live in newmossly for many yrs but have to say the sailorman was by far the best chippy,the chippy food is ok goujons and chicken burgers are lovely thats about it,staff are fast and friendly but the prices are awful for the little portions you get,and thats if you get what you ask for....i only use the chippy for chicken burgers other wise i go to the cod house....the portins are great value for money and food is nice they also do scallops witch is great...

Submitted by beth c on 25/05/2011

The chicken goujons didn't disappoint, some of the nicest I've tasted!

Submitted by Tim on 23/05/2011

chicken goujons are by far the nicest in belfast

Submitted by neil on 14/04/2011

not great ,very dear but handy thats it nothing special

Submitted by rab on 11/03/2011

Just got dinner from 'The Chippy' (New Mossley). Opened it to discover that the kids meals they have advertised with a 'puzzle box and a toy' don't actually come with them! Kids unimpressed cos they didn't get a toy and I'm raging cos I paid the extra for the kids meals, thinking they were going to get a toy!! I phoned to give off, only to be told 'we haven't given out toys for about a year, don't know what you want me to do about it'.

Submitted on 03/12/2010

Coulnt believe some of the people on this site! il have yous know i go to the chippy every single friday night ,

Submitted by rachael on 28/11/2010

this chippy is by far the best and the food is amazing and i agree it is yum yum

people who say its not nice is probs because u eat too many mcdonalds and all and this " TEENS " are not rude they are very helpful .

best chippy in newtownabbey

Submitted by customer on 15/07/2010

steak kebabs r amazing =)

Submitted on 12/02/2010

yum yum!!! that says it all, see yous tomorrow the chippy =)

Submitted on 12/02/2010

this is a brilliant chippy the quality of the food wont be found any where else and the staff are always well organised no matter how busy they are it never takes as long to get youre order than in other shops and it beats them all hand down

Submitted by lisa on 25/11/2009

The fish here is amazing really lovely and you always get a good portion i travel up from belfast every week.

Submitted on 28/09/2009

I have being going hear for 3 years after a recommendation and have never being disappointed the staff and food are amazing 10/10 every time well done guys.

Submitted by mrs wilson on 04/08/2009

seriously this place is awful! service is really bad and the staff or just rude who don't have a clue! Will NOT be back and would advise the same to others!

Submitted by mandy on 23/07/2009

best chicken goujons in the world

Submitted by ian on 17/07/2009


Submitted on 26/06/2009

the food in the chippy is amazing you never get a bad meal and the place always well kept and clean cant wait to go back for more

Submitted by ryan on 09/05/2009

The best chippy going :)

Submitted by Chloe on 22/04/2009

FAO Food Critic - Ill Have You know im a teenager and have worked there a few years nw, the teens as you call them do know what they are doing, very well actually.

i would also say our customer service is more than satisfactory, compared to some chippys you go to and the staff are cheeky and unhelpful...which we are clearly not!!

And ill also have you know our chippy is one of the cleanest chippys around and is well maintained...

Your opinion is neither required or desired thank you !!!!

Submitted by A Chippy Worker on 30/03/2009

this chippys amazing!!!

Submitted on 29/03/2009

'The Chippy' in New Mossley has to be the best chip shop in the newtownabbey area. The service is great, the staff are always very pleasent, the food is delicious and the shop is always very clean. This shop deserves the best fish and chips award. I would never think of going to any of the other chip shops near by as none of them can compare to 'The Chippy'. The staff may be young but this is what we need theses days, and i would not have a bad word to say about the staff at all they are all very pleasent and know how to work properly unlike some chip shops in the area. The food is amazing, and worth while going out to get.

Submitted by unknown on 16/03/2009

the chippy food is gorgeous, best chippy ive been too in all my years. the service is really good. Everytime im in the chippy there no room the place is packed out the door. worth the wait

Submitted by pat on 08/03/2009

This is the best chippy ever cant find better anywhere!!

Submitted by michael on 04/03/2009

I could not belive my eyes when read the other review i started going to this chippy for the past 2 years and can only say its excellent, and i have tried the others recently but nothing compares to the chippy, the prices are no dearer than any other ps try the chicken burgers they are not only massive but delicious and melt in your mouth try it and see it is the best!!

Submitted by michelle on 12/01/2009

I think this chip shop is okay

the thorton or captains table is better.

Submitted by stacey on 11/10/2008

The new mossley chip shop is the worst chip shop for value for money and also taste. the customer service is satisfactory but nothing to write home about. This is one place that personally i would like to know how they won a best fish and chips award and also how the health inspector havent shut this place down. The manager employees teens who hardly know what there doing never mind how to cook.

Submitted by The food critic on 28/07/2008

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