The Captains Table

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The Captains Table Restaurant in Glengormley.

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Category Chip Shop
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 11 Carnmoney Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT36 6HL
Phone Number 028 90832265

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Comments and Reviews on The Captains Table

There now follows 32 other reviews of The Captains Table

Service very slow, tables not cleaned despite 2 requests. Food not great tbh, far too expensive because quality isn’t worth what they charge. Stay away folks and go elsewhere. Would never be back!!!

Submitted on 12/03/2018

I have been eating here forever and can say that I have never had a bad meal. I think that it is the best traditional chippy by far and I have just come back from living in England for years. Sorry to hear that some people have had a bad experience but I never have even when Sadie Lee had a shop beside it.Congrats to all the staff for making me happy and fat lol

Submitted by Geoff on 22/07/2014

Over a long period of time I have been a customer of this chip shop, going back to when it was owned by Billy Twyford. About six months ago we decided to give it a miss as the batter on the cod we had was soft and floury inside,if fact more thick batter than fish. Then a couple of Saturdays ago we decided to go back and give it another try,but sorry to say it wasn't any better,if anything worse. I could suggest the staff who prepare the batter ,could take a trip to Moyola at the bottom of the Limestone Road to have a lesson in how to make crispy light batter.

Submitted by Past customer on 08/01/2014

when I order it is always Slow and It is cold food I put it in the oven so please be more faster so sorry but it is true

Submitted by Bethany on 22/12/2013

Never again,, thanks for. Ruined nite.....

40 mins late delivery and freezing food....

Submitted by Starving now thanks to u on 08/12/2013

i love the food it is always very is the best chippy and the nised i would never eat in any other chippy

Submitted by megan mackenzie on 30/08/2013

over all great place to eat staff couldn't be more helpful I feel like the food has gotten nicer and I don't mind paying the extra money if I am going to enjoy what I am getting. go here all the time fast service but not the cleanest 9/10 overall

Submitted on 31/07/2013

Visit Captains table at least once a week,food great ,best fish in town and good civil staff.

Submitted by DAVID BELFAST on 16/04/2013

great food, best chipe around

Submitted by sandra on 07/03/2013

great food, geat prisses:)

Submitted by angela dickinson on 10/12/2011

great food and delivery is fast most of the time. staff can be as bright as a winters morning at times but apart from that i would rate it overall 9/10.

Submitted by keith on 01/10/2011

crackin chippy. chicken burger special is the wat da go onli 3 pound odds and free drink CANT BEAT IT

Submitted by mark on 03/06/2011

captains table is an excellent wee restraunt .... do not know wat planet these ppl are on saying the staff is moody those girls are always more than helpful... they work hard and are so nice 2 customers. i visit with my family almost 2 times a week sitting in is always nice deliveries are quick for me :S and take away is fine too i dont see how ppls food is cold wen they get home as you can see from the counter that everything is handed to you fresh...

Submitted by jenny on 03/06/2011

I go to the captains table every single week after rugby for my lunch its the best fish and chip shop I have been to I really like the chicken curry and chips they are so nice! :D

Submitted on 29/12/2010

For information the buy one get one free is for a portion of sausages not a single one - it does state this - you should read the flyer !!

Submitted on 29/12/2010

the food is usally pretty good

Submitted by lynne on 29/12/2010

Just been to the Captains Table as we fancied a burger. Staff were definately not friendly or interested in what I wanted to order. Had to ask three times to complete my order which was two x burgers, two x sausages and one portion of chips.

While waiting the next customer came in and asked for a fish. He told the girl 4 times that he wanted a whitting and not a cod. Guess what, she charged him for a cod even before he got his fish! Luckily enough he was able to rectify this mistake.

Next customer ordered a sausage supper. He was charged for two x sausages and one portion of chips, even though it was buy one sausage get one free!

Oh, and of course, what did I get and what was I charged? I got my two burgers, one which has a tiny slice of cheese on one corner. The burgers looked and tasted like they had been cooked four times over. I also received my chips. As for the two sausages, I got four. Why did they not just say it's buy one get one free and give me two?? I also got a pastie! Not once was I asked if I would like salt and vinegar. They just did not put any on. I was undercharged for what I got but overcharged on what I had actually ordered! DEFINATELY WILL NOT BE BACK.

Submitted on 08/12/2010

Staff are grumpy and the kitchen always seems to have too many people floating about (its like the cast of Eastenders are all stuck in one place) to make it remotely hygenic. But inspite of this the food is great.

Submitted by Tom on 06/11/2010

used to be great value and the best chippy around but dont know wat happend its went down hill i use myola on the shore rd great portions and its cheap as chips not to mention it tastes great

Submitted by steve on 29/10/2010

I love the captains table its the best chippy in the world. I go thre every Saturday. The gravy is also the best in the word and the the chips r really gd 2.

They hav forgotten a couple of things in s couple of orders but i wolud give it a 10/10 even though the staff arent the most happiest its all about the food 4 me :)

Submitted by Conor Megarry on 18/09/2010

love the captains table, great quality and good portions, alothough theyve been cut back

but all shops have been cutting back!

staff are slightly moody but you would beto if your were working in a kitchen!


ps there gravy is great!

Submitted by danielle on 28/12/2009

i have never had any complaints bout the captains table

been using it for years and me and the kidz luv it. espaecially the buy 1 get 1 free offer they are doing at the moment . 9/10

Submitted by the mancat on 11/12/2009

this place used to be amazing for everything, value for money, food etc, but for some reason over the last 4months or so its gotten bad, the food isnt as nice and its not as good value as what it used to be, what is going on???

Submitted by pug on 12/11/2009

Home deliveries ......yeah right! I just phoned and the rude staff member said there was no delivery service! Obviously sum1 who doesnt no what theyre doing or cant read the huge sign outside!!! My service goes elsewhere.....

Submitted by fanny lee on 29/10/2009

Ya'll, the food is nice, but it isn't the best.

Delivery speed is poor.

Its alright value for money, but the food could be better, to make it GREAT value for money.

As people have said, food portions have been cut immensly.

Overall I give it 4/10.

Staff are very moody too, they never seem pleased.

Submitted by Britney Spears on 03/09/2009

hi the food portions have went out the windo value for money well for get about that they put the price up to much when you order somthing when i comes it to cold to eat what r yous doing you need to go back to the wasy it used to be

Submitted by kathy on 02/08/2009

The food is always good, great portions and staff pleasant. Reasonable prices too.

What more could you ask for!

Submitted by Janet on 14/07/2009

robin ? lol, how u end up on this ?

the food in theres great btw

Submitted by john on 19/04/2009

The value for money and food used to be great but i think captains table is toooooooo greedy now. Fish portions have been cut in half and prices have also gone up.Pick one or the other to save money??????

Submitted by paul on 06/04/2009

food is just ok when sit in but if you take it home its not great and deliveries are even worse always cold dont bother

Submitted by angie on 04/03/2009

They do Home Deliveries... I work there, so i can tell you that for a fact..

Submitted by Robin on 24/01/2009

The Captain's Table offers excellent food at a reasonable price. I can thoroughly recommend the cod and chips and the sausage supper. If you haven't tried them already you are missing a treat.

Submitted by Michael on 10/01/2009

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