Zaiqa Tandoori

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Zaiqa Tandoori in east Belfast.

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Category Indian
Sit In You can not sit inNo Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 192 Grand Parade
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT5 5PE
Phone Number 028 90651100

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end bar rating of Zaiqa Tandoori end bar 55/100 37 Votes

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Comments and Reviews on Zaiqa Tandoori

There now follows 14 other reviews of Zaiqa Tandoori

Have been a regular customer for 9 years and have never found a fault, food is excellent and the service is great, wouldn't go anywhere else

Submitted by lisa on 19/04/2014

Best Chicken Korma in Belfast..

Great portion size, rice was perfectly cooked. Third time ordering and love everything about this place.

Submitted by S. Keir on 08/03/2014

94 minute wait for delivery and food was freezing! Service was awful as well. I order from here all the time and its usually really good but its defs went down hill! Wont be ordering out of this place any time soon!

Submitted by Khloe C on 22/02/2014

Have been ordering from Zaiqa for two years now and love the food and service *but* I have to ask what on earth has happened to my favourite starter Chicken Chat Puri??? I have always ordered it with my meal but in the past couple of months it has become inedible for me because they are now making it far too hot (spicy). Ordered it again tonight and only three bites in (and with three glasses of water) I could not finish it. Way, way too spicy for a starter but it would be okay if they placed 2 or 3 chillies beside it on their menu as a warning that they are now making it so hot..but they don't dont. Disappointing as it was one of my faves. Almost £4 down the drain.

Submitted by MumSurfer on 27/09/2013

I love this place.

I recommend it to all that like Indian food and ordering it in.

The Chicken Tikka Chilli Mosala is my personal favourite to date and I keep ordering it even though I know I should try other dishes too.

Submitted by Red Devil on 25/02/2013

Have been a regular Friday night customer of Zaiqa for three weeks now and have not been disappointed with any food I have bought from them to date. Have lived just around the corner from them for four years now so feel I should have tried them a lot sooner....

I recommend the chicken chat puri - a hefty starter: rich, not too spicy with a creamy thick sauce and chunks of chicken.

Their king kebabs really hit the spot - the chicken pakora kebab has a nice 'bite' to it, the chicken tikka nicely spiced without being overpowering. These kebabs really are a meal in themselves...thick with meat, salad and the bread wrap is soft and fresh.

Hubby recently had the chip with tikka sauce and liked it so much he will be trying their chicken tikka curry next time. Very nice food, kids love the flavours. This place is well worth a visit. Customer service is very efficient too.

Submitted by Mum123 on 14/02/2013

best Indian in Belfast, their mixed kebabs are amazing. good quality meet used. only down side is that the delivery time is very slow and generally takes between 45mins to an hour even though my house is close by. still worth the wait though,

Submitted by ral on 30/12/2012

Great food and garlic naan is the best in the whole world (2011 Garlic naan world championships) Chicken is of brilliant quality, not the rubbish you get in the Chinese.

Submitted by Harry on 21/10/2012

Brother told me about this place and it really is super food and very clean. 10/10

Wish I lived closer but worth the 10 mile drive from Bangor I say.

Submitted by Brian Davidson on 09/07/2012

Just moved to the area and was recommended Zaiqa Tandoori by my neighbour and now that I've tried it a few times I have to say that if Carlsberg did Indian food it would be as delicious as Zaiqa's food.

It's been utterly fantastic with great portions and service each time.

I'm hooked.

Submitted by G. Davidson on 11/06/2012

nicest indian ever!!! great food, so tasty :) well done

Submitted by j on 13/12/2011

The reviews above are so obviously the owners its embarrassing. The sauces are bland and most likely bought in pastes from a supermarket. The menu is very boring and worst of all is the waiting times. 40 minutes in person on a monday night? They have a rep for being slow and if there was an indian nearby they would be out of business.

Submitted by Michelle on 27/10/2011

Possibaly the best Indian food in Belfast, every dish has it's own unique taste often combining the kick of spice with subtle flavours that dance around your tounge making you feel satisfied and alive.

In short, great food that never dissapoints and not too expesive. Delivery times vary (I presume that sometimes it can take a while due to high demand) but the food is out of this world.

Submitted by P Mitchell on 28/08/2010

they do the most amazing kebebs, they are so big you can have one between two people, really worth the money ;-)

Submitted by pam on 20/08/2009

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