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The Sphinx was established in 1980 in Stranmillis, Belfast and is well known for its kebabs & special Sphinx sauce.

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The Sphinx

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Category Fast Food
Sit In You can not sit inNo Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 74 Stranmillis Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT9 5AD
Phone Number 028 90681881

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Don't go on a Groupon deal. We went on 20th August 2013 and they had run out of chicken, which was the deal. Refused to substitute it with anything else. We had starved ourselves all day in anticipation and left with nothing. Don't allow negative comments on Facebook as they monitor all their comments. Put it on my own wall and shared it myself.

Submitted by frances burns on 21/08/2013

Best in Belfast !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Steve on 05/07/2011

Just heard on the grapevine...

The Sphinx is the first chippy on Belfast to receive the National Fish Fryers Federation Award, which is the top award available in the U.K. !!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by brian on 26/06/2011

The Sphinx are now doing a special offer every day, another great reason to use the best chip shop in Belfast

Submitted by David on 19/06/2011

Just had a Sphinx

This place is amazing

Award winning fish

Submitted by David on 02/06/2011

After having tried the Sphinx a few times, I felt that I should give my view on the very enjoyable meal I had.

The first thing that I noticed about the estabilshment was that it was very clean and tidy. With the amount of people passing through I would have thought cleaniness might have been an issue.

The staff that took my order of 2 doner kebabs on chips were pleasent and friendly. They didn't seem to mind when I asked for one of my meals to be made up differently than I had orginally asked.

The meal was of a high standard and tasted really well. It is clear to see why the Sphinx won the WKD Golden Kebab. I will definately be going back to the Sphinx and encouraging others to try it.

Submitted by Judith Morgan on 19/05/2011

this was possibly the the best food ive ever had from any restaurant in any country i have ever been to. hats off to the manager for running a top class fast food joint. long live the sphinx!

Submitted by Matthew McFarland on 19/05/2011



Submitted by LOUISE SLOAN on 19/05/2011

I thought I would give it one more try and have a meat kebab on chips - the meat was stone cold, fatty and frankly quite disgusting. AVOID AT LUNCH TIMES! Archi

Submitted by Archi Frew on 10/05/2011

Rather dissapointed

Charged more for no onions.

portion was kids size and over priced.

Meat looked clean but lacked in taste

Submitted by Anon on 10/03/2011

Where do I start...

0 Stars out of 5 !

In a nut-shell, the Sphinx is disguisting, employ rude staff, and the food is extremely over-priced!!!

Took a trip tonight especially to go to the Sphinx in Stranmillis, Belfast after hearing about their award-winning Kebabs.

When the girl asked for my order, I asked for 2 doner kebabs on chips, before I had a chance to say what sauce/salad I wanted, she guldered £8.80. No manners, politeness or anything! I duely paid the money and she moved onto the fella behind me in the queue. I presumed, well maybe they ask what I wanted on my order when they are making it up.

The fella behind ordered a kebab on chips with chilli sauce. When he finished his order I said 'excuse me, can I order sauce/salad on my kebabs', to that she gave me a dirty look and rolled her eyes. When she took the order correctly she turned around to the guy at the back preparing the food and told him what I wanted on the order. When she thought I was out of ear-shot, she moaned that I never mentioned at the time of order, and called me stupid amongst a few swear words. He asked her which customer it was and she then described me perfectly! *How she thought I couldn't hear this, i do not know!!!*

I was fuming! But, I left it... didn't want to cause a scene as there were a few others in the shop. I thought, the kebabs better be worth it because the customer service I received was absolutely shocking! Thank you Server 002, I hope you read this and sort your attitude out!

When I got home, I was shocked to find a small polystyrene tray with a few chips, a small portion of 'Doner kebab' shavings on top and the sauce / salad. I could not believe the size! ... for which I paid £4.40 EACH for the privledge!

The meat was fatty, left a horrible after-taste and the lettuce was off and turning brown. The 'Sphinx' sauce was watery, bland and had very little flavour to it.

I was so shocked and disappointed by the whole Sphinx experience, that I have felt the need to write this review and post some pictures.

We will never eat out of the Sphinx again and will advise anyone else not to. Don't waste your money here! How this take-away won awards, I will never know!!!


The 2 kebabs from the order and the receipt! £4.40 each!

Sphinx kebab with wilting lettuce (right) beside an average sized takeaway kebab to a bottle of sprite

Submitted by sam on 24/11/2010

Interesting place. Reminds me of doing the lottery. Half time the orders are wrong and the male staff spend more time eyeing up women either in the shop or on the street than thinking of the food.

One thing i have to say is that the kebabs can be spectacular if your luck is in. However, if you count the black bits in a single bag of chips, i doubt you will be going back. Hit and miss just doesnt sum it up.

Submitted by fin on 18/11/2010

Not only the BEST KEBAB in BELFAST also the BEST CHIPS

Submitted by David on 08/08/2010

Constant wrong orders, very rude counter staff and cold food!

Submitted on 13/05/2010

The BEST KEBAB in the WORLD..........

Submitted by Andy on 06/05/2010

Bring back Mohamed. At least he would give you what you asked for. If you want fired onions for your burger they go into the deep fat frier - yuk!! 5 tons of cheese also - my wife can cook better and that's saying something.

The infamous sphinx sauce is now a watery mess - not what is use to be. Generally terrible and not what it was but I guess the way things now are. I will not be going back after being a loyal customer 15 years. Archi Frew

Submitted by Archi Frew on 15/04/2010

I love the Sphnix kebabs, best kebabs in town,,, yum yum!!!

Submitted by Mark Crawford on 11/01/2009

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