The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff

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Opened in October 1999, you will find The Khayber, Carryduff at 520a Saintfield Road. Simply call (028) 9081 3099 to make a reservation.

There is also a Khyber in Glengormley.

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Web Site http://
Category Indian
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 520a Saintfield Rd
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT8 8EU
Phone Number 028 90813099/02890813822
Fax Number [email protected]

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end bar rating of The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff end bar 71/100 49 Votes

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end bar rating of The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff end bar 60/100 45 Votes

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end bar rating of The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff end bar 66/100 23 Votes

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end bar rating of The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff end bar 28/100 50 Votes


end bar rating of The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff end bar 70/100 48 Votes

Comments and Reviews on The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff

There now follows 27 other reviews of The Khyber Tandoori Carryduff

Over several years I've held many events in this restaurant and never have had a problem. Brilliant service, excellent food - no complaints.

Submitted on 11/09/2013

It is my local indian restaurant.I always liked the curry dishes and the quality is good.BUT twice i have been overcharged when ordering takeaways.When you place an order they thump away at a calculator and seem to come up with a rounded up figure that isnt the same as the price in their menu on show.We all make mistakes but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when i feel i have been ripped off.Look at the menu and add it up yourself before ordering to make sure you pay the correct amount.

Submitted by Sam Brannigan on 04/12/2012

Ordered meal and sat waiting for nearly an hour. Went down to bar to ask what was happening we were informed by a stressed out and most unpleasant manager one of their staff had not turned up and we should (to put it nicely) be patient. Would have been more professional if we had been told there would be a wait when we first sat down. Lost my custom for ever.

Submitted on 16/08/2012

Love this place have eaten in and also had delivery 100% all round !

Submitted by Liz - Saintfield on 05/05/2012

food excellent staff excellent value for money very good

Submitted by marion on 12/03/2012

A great Indian for a sit in or takeaway. Their food is consistently very good and the hot dishes are hot and spicy which is great. Many Belfast indian restaurants are too bland to appeal to the masses. The owners should give free poppodums with takeaways as they do with sitin. Great restaurant.

Submitted by Local User on 18/12/2011

one of the best indian restaurants in Belfast, my wife and i had the most wonderful meal there recently and the staff are most friendly, will certainly be back.

Submitted by J on 28/11/2011

Food quality of Nan bread was very poor.

Submitted by Mandy on 24/09/2011

I love the food in the Khyber. I have eaten in other Indian restaurants and there is no comparison. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Anne Marie on 14/08/2011

i ordered from kyber for the first time tonite because i thought it would be something tasty and different,was i wrong!the butter chicken that i am a loyal fan in all the indian restaurants i,ve eaten in around the world,was not butter chicken to say the least,,it should be advertized as a dessert for the amount of coconut in it,,rest of our food was ok,,but when we asked why our food was like this we were met with a gr8 deal of abuse!!!needless to say we will get the last laugh,,and your chefs need to learn how to cook "indian"food!!!my advise,,go somewhere esle....

Submitted by [email protected] on 10/08/2011

my favourite Indian in Belfast!! the food and service is second to none!!!! the food is beautiful, all very fresh and you get plenty of it, there is a fabulous choice on the menu!! The staff are amazing, so friendly and attentive..... they always remember your face and are always given the warmest of welcomes, this is also a family run restaurant and you feel right at home.... the place has a lovely atmosphere! i would 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys indian food!! :))

Submitted by Vicky on 21/07/2011

i thought the food in the khyber was the best ive ever had ive traveled all over england and scotand but none of these even compare to it, ever time im there im always welcome with open arms i always get a choice what table i want, the owners who work there always greet thier customers with a smile and always have nice conversation with us, we go every week without fail and never once has it dissapointed us, i recommended to everyone who enjoys indian food to try it u wont be dissappointed

Submitted by stephen paul on 19/05/2011

Amazing food! We eat here a few times a year for family birthdays as it is everyones favourite Indian (we have tried many many others, but keep on coming back to the Khyber). Would really recommend it. Staff really friendly and nice, food DIVINE, atmosphere lovely, not overpriced.... 10/10

Submitted on 19/05/2011

I can't help but wonder if some of the other posters have actually ate there. My wife and I have ate there on four seperate occassions. We eat out 2-3 times a week and enjoy good food. Every time we've been to the Khayber we have been very impressed by both the standard of the food (which has always been excellent)and by the service of the staff (which again has been of a high standard). The Restaurant itself is very roomy, not at all crowded, making you feel more like people than cattle. My only issue, and it's very minor is that it's showing a little wear in places. We only discovered this place about six months ago and possibly we have yet to find them on a bad night but until then we'll continue to return and enjoy good food, great service and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Submitted by David on 02/04/2011

This is one of the best Indian restaurants I've eaten in - anywhere!. Living just round the corner, we go there sometimes for family meals and use the takeaway more often. The food is superb, and consistent. The staff are always helpful and it certainly isn't expensive for what you get. In general, the food seems quite mild - it relies on quality of ingredients rather than trying to burn your tast buds. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Malcolm on 02/02/2011

My boyfriend and I love eating out at the Khyber. My Grandad is a chef so I am used to good food. It is honestly one of the best Indians I have ever visited. I don't mind singing their praises because this restaurant really is quite a find. Staff are friendly and welcoming, great night every time we have been.

Submitted by Very Satisfied Customer on 12/12/2010

Food was delicious. will defnitly be back. staff friendly. Great takeaway service too. highly recommended

Submitted by Kerry on 20/09/2009

It was all right

Submitted by Chipppers on 26/07/2009

One of the best Indian restaurants in Belfast. It offers excellent food with great customer service in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Submitted by Popeye on 06/06/2009

the food was lovely. Shame about the decor

Submitted on 22/04/2009

Food was not 2 bad but I saw there was argument between service people .

Submitted by Ben on 10/04/2009

The food in the khyber is fantastic. Me and friends were really pleased with the level of service

Submitted on 02/04/2009

the food is just wonderful in the khayber,i would like to add that a take away service is available in the khayer and has been from it opened i use it at lest once a week, i have have always had the best of service at every vist, the food always arrives hot even when ther is a full restaurant

Submitted by shoes1677 on 28/03/2009

Disappointing not as good as on previous visits. Lamb overcooked.

Submitted on 02/12/2008

Asked for my dish to be less hot than stated on menu i was informed this would not be a problem but when it arrived it was very hot. Customer service was lacking and not much atmosphere in the restaurant.

Submitted on 28/11/2008

very dissapointing meal. The Lamb and chicken was overcooked. The coffee was horrible totally undrinkable.

Submitted on 28/11/2008

The food was ok ,,but not really authentic ,what was worst was the BO from the guy serving us .

Submitted by moodindego on 19/11/2008

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