The Highwayman Restaurant

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Visited this restaurant on Tuesday 02/11/10 for the first time

Decor good staff friendly and helpful

Dinner was very nice my Husband and I both liked it and we will be back

Great value

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Category Restaurant
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can not takeaway foodYou can not takeaway food
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 28 Main Street
  County Down
  Northern Ireland
Phone Number 028 44812965
Email [email protected]

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Comments and Reviews on The Highwayman Restaurant

There now follows 12 other reviews of The Highwayman Restaurant

I visited the Highwayman Restaurant, since I have moved to Ireland I have not found a more outstanding restaurant in the wholeof Ireland, the food is unreal and I mean unreal, the way it is prepared and the taste is outof this world, I will be returning and the service was ace, really freindly and homely 10 out of 10, would recommend to anyone!!!

Submitted by david mccandless on 03/06/2011

Since moving here from Scotland last August,my husband and I have been searching for somewhere really good to eat,we finally found it in The Highwayman last night.The food was the best we had had in Ireland,and on a par with 5star restaurants we have eaten in around the world.The food was excellent quality,and cooked to perfection,the service was attentive,but not intrusive,and the decor was comfortable and very well done.The only thing lacking,was a choice of cheese to finish my meal as I don't have a sweet tooth.Now we have found this little gem,we will most certainly be back,only regret is we did not try it sooner.

Submitted by eileen on 14/05/2011

Hubby and I paid our second visit here on Wednesday 4th May great cocktails lovely friendly staff and the food was excellent couldn't decide what to order wanted to try it all staff recommended chocolate souffle was amazing will definately be back many many times

Submitted by Martina on 07/05/2011

Whats not to love about this restaurant!?? Amazing food for amazing quality and amazing prices!! If this was in Belfast city centre the place would be packed everynyt and people would be more willing to put their hands in their pocket and appreciate good food and wine instead of trying to complain to get FREE FOOD!!!

Submitted on 05/05/2011

was in sunday nite with the missus it was reckon mended to us by friends, we thought we would give it a go and but we missed the carvary, but the new a la carte menu started, it was really impressive i didnt know wat to pick wanted to try it all, lol went for mussels in korma , then the beef shin burger to follow, it was amazing, have to say this place is a gem the staff were really helpful wish i didnt take the car wanted to stay longer for a drink

Submitted on 12/04/2011

one word awsome value

Submitted on 25/03/2011

Went to the highway man for lunch on Sat and have to say that the food was gorgeous. The lunch menu had plenty of choices and v good prices the staff wer very friendly and attentive and the service was of a high standard. Could not say a bad word abt this restraunt, We will defo be back

Submitted by submitted sun 27 on 27/02/2011

just returned from the highway man today. It was great we ate from the pub grub menu food was roasting hot and plenty of it chicken gougens, steak sandwichs,and a serloin steak. Then desserts us girls love the desserts , staff very friendly. I would recommend this resturant to all.definately back next week.

Submitted by marie on 26/02/2011

i do not know what those other two bad reviews are talking about as they must have been looking free meals as per usual, as they kept mentioning FREE FOOD or taking stuff of bills, you can spot people like you a mile off.

i go nearly every sunday to this wonderful carvery at the highwayman with my family, because its local and affordable at the moment when you have a family and want to go out for a family meal.

since the villager in crossgar closed down we have made the highwayman in clough are new spot, they only charge £4.50 for kids which get a three course meal and only £9.95 for 2 courses, tea or coffee for adults which is great value for money, and what these other reviewers failed to say it's all you can eat!!!!!! wat are they looking for at just £9.95 lol

you get a starter of soup of the day and crusty bread which is lush! the soup changes weekly and thoughout the day so thats why these other people are, moaning get a life!!!, i always get two bowls lol and share one with my baby boy he loves it, then we go up for the works, homemade yorkshire puddings to die for which are huge!!! then roasties and mash potatoes, also a selection of different vegtables, the honey glazed carrotts are a favourite with the wife, i loved the CARROT AND TURNIP MASH!!! its amazing and the cauilflower and brocclii cheese, then stuffing, and last week i got wee garlic baby potatoes they were great!! also as the other review said the meat is lovely i always get a slice of each meat roast beef, Turkey roast gammon, roast pork shoulder

The place reminds me of a wee pub in south yorkshire i used to go to when visited my family in england, i will say to anyone to try this place on a sunday its quality food for a really reasonable price couldnt beat it!! going this sunday would advise booking to anyone got turned away last sunday was gutted lol

Submitted by paul curley on 23/02/2011

I visited the Highywayman Restaurant in Clough in Feb 2011 and was extremely disappointed with the food. We ate from the new carvery which was the only option.

We were shown through to the extremely old fashioned dining room which looked like someones living room. There was a much nice looking seperate part but no one was sitting in it. We were told that the carvery lunch was £9.95 for dinner, soup and tea and coffee.

There was no choice of soup and on the day ot was potato and leek which arrived luke warm and was too salty. We were surprised to be told that we had to wait to be called to be told when we could go up for the carvery dinner ather than deciding for ouselves when we were ready to go up for our lunch.

Our lunch was terrible the mashed potato was very wet and soggy and had been too much milk or butter or cream or whatever added it was horrible. There were glazed carrots which were nice but there was also mashed carrots and parsnips which seemed odd to serve two types of carrots. They were completely tasteless. The other vegetable was cauliflower and brocolli in a allegedly cheese sauce however the sauce was extremely watery and i have no idea where the cheese bit was in the "sauce".

The stuffing was extremely soft and wet and hadn't been cooked anywhere near enough, the roast potatoes were virtually raw and not at all brown on the outside.

In short all the vegetable s had been cooked into a soggy tasteless pulp and the roast potatoes which you would expect should be well cooked very hard and way undercooked.

I told the waitress that i did not enjoy my dinner and it was obvious from the plate i sent back that i had not eaten much of it and my dining companion had ate less than half of his we were offered free desserts which we declined i would have expected to have received some money of the bill but this was not offered even though i had said i did not enjoy the food.

All in all we were extremely disappointed with the quality of the food and would not under any circumstances be returning to the Highwayman

Submitted by Kelly on 06/02/2011

Visited this restaurant about two weeks ago on a Sunday evening and had the carvery. The food was of a good standard - nothing amazing, but nice turkey, ham and side dishes. The service was very good and it looks like the previous reviewer had a bad experience or they have upped their game. They were very attentive, pleasant and kind. (Although they did get the flavour of soup wrong when ordering - told it was cabbage and ham and was given chicken broth). I would return.

Submitted on 22/12/2010

Visited the Highwayman today 21/1110. I will not be returning to the restaurant. The food and service was not great at all. i ate from the new carvery and whilst waiting for my food the chef got angry about something leapt over the bench and threw her apron or teatowel over the bench. The service was sloe and when asked a question they did not know the answer ie. hat sauces do you get with steak? I could find nothing good about this restaurant at all.

Submitted on 21/11/2010

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