The Bucks Head Inn

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The Bucks Head Inn Opening Times

Lunch: 12pm - 2.30pm

Tea: 5pm - 6.45pm

Dinner: 7pm - 9.30pm

Three Courses ?23.50

Closed on Mondays from October-April

Booking Essential

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Category Restaurant
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can not takeaway foodYou can not takeaway food
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 77 Main Street
  County Down
  Northern Ireland
Phone Number 028 4375 1868

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Comments and Reviews on The Bucks Head Inn

There now follows 14 other reviews of The Bucks Head Inn

We have no complaints about Bucks Head Inn. The place was friendly like a pub but more upscale in decor and menu. The food was very tastey and served quickly. Albeit, the server did not know that one of the spreads served with the bread starter was cranberry, but that did not diminish the quality of the splendid olive tapenade it turned out to be. I ordered 'oysters au natural' as a starter. Fresh, lovely, pale cream-colored oysters from Dundrum Bay! I was tempted to order another dozen as my dinner. We all loved the dining experience at Bucks Head and recommend it highly to anyone who is hungry and doesn't mind a relaxed atmosphere.

Submitted by Tama on 09/10/2012

Love dining in the Bucks Head and have lost count of the number of people I have recommended it to.

Local food served in an inviting and friendly environment.

Submitted by Mairead Kelly on 17/07/2012

Excellent meal on a Saturday evening - had to eat late because the restaurant was fully booked until 2045. Despite what was probably a long shift, staff were friendly and efficient. Probably the best meal of our week in NI.

Based on our experience, disregard the negative comments in these reviews!

Submitted on 06/06/2011

Eaten here a few times, as South Down pub/restaurants go it is pretty good, though is not going to set the culinary world on fire. It's basically slightly poshed up pub nosh. Good fish or scampi with chips. Quite expensive - you can head to Belfast to Deanes and (if they are still doing it) have their set price lunch for about the same price. Last time had a waitress who clearly had got out of the wrong side of bed in the morning. Asked for an additional plate setting as a late guest arrived and you would have thought someone had told her there had been a death in the family!

Submitted by Andrew on 22/09/2010

I had dinner here with my parents last Friday night, and we were all extremely impressed. As a vegetarian, I tend to have second-class citizen status in most restaurants; by contrast, the Bucks Head offered a large selection of vegetarian choices and even reduced prices for them compared to the normal menu.

We had opted not to have starters, but were very kindly given free cups of the soup of the evening (cream of fennel), which combined with the excellent bread made a good appetizer. For the main course, I had what was described as a red onion tarte tatin, which was absolutely sublime and came with a substantial sundried tomato and goats cheese salad (this came late, in one of a couple of service hiccups). My parents had salmon and monkfish, which looked and apparently tasted equally good, and also came with substantial vegetable sides. The desserts (lemon meringue slice, panna cotta, chocolate fondant sponge with kirsch sauce) were likewise delicious.

Summary: superb food, attractive surroundings, excellent value for money (both food and wine), overall good service with the odd slip-up.

Submitted by Keith on 15/09/2010

Absolutely the worst dining experience I've ever had.

The service was absolutely appalling, waited for the wine, waited over an hour for the main course and then had to wait for deserts!! We weren't the only ones to complain, a least 4-5 other parties weren't happy. The place was overbooked and the chef was obviousy struggling to keep up with the demand - they completely failed to manage the tables. Dreadful!!

Submitted by Mike on 28/08/2010

Had a beautiful meal in the Bucks Head over Valentines weekend- one of the best restaurants in Northern Ireland. The flavours were exquisite, we stayed in the guest house right beside the restaurant - The Carriage House - it was a lovely period house with 4 star bedrooms. All in all quaint, little village to get away from it all....

Submitted by Sienna on 16/02/2010

I find the Buck's Head decent but vastly over-priced given its location in a Co Down fishing village! I had a pleasant lunch last Saturday but it cost ?32 a head and we shared a pudding and had no alcohol! To contrast, I am going on Sunday to Richard Corrigan's restaurant in Mayfair where 3 courses and a liqueur will cost me ?27. Likewise, in Chapter One in Dublin a 3 course lunch with coffee will cost 37 euro. Both these restaurants have Michelin stars and have vastly greater overheads. I will be going to Mourne Seafood when i am next in Dundrum.

Submitted by JCRH on 29/01/2010

Had a lovely meal on Tuesday 29/12/09 Service good friendly staff and Oysters to die for

will be back

Submitted by Martina on 31/12/2009

Food was 'ok' service was 'ok'. Barman was very friendly and very very helpful, knows his job very well. We had a pleasent evening but i won't be rushing back as i personally find it is over priced and over rated.

Submitted by Ms Burns and friends on 10/12/2009

I dont know how anyone can complain about anything about the bucks head. It is furnished to a very high standard. The food, you cant get any better. The service is always willing to help in anyway they can. So anyone who has any bad comments you must be writing about the wrong place. It is perfect!!!!!!!!! =)

Submitted on 09/06/2009

Having been told how delightful this would be I was very disappointed. When advised that Sundays soup was not up to standard the criticism was taken like a personal affront. The service was poor ,to put it mildly . In fact one waitress was so busily involved in a discussion with friends she angrily asked another to "Give the bill to table 4" Given that the prices are London prices ,which I know well, I expected better

Submitted by rena hume on 02/06/2009

Meal was lovely. I Was only given a receipt when I went back in to query the bill. 2 drinks we did not order were added to the bottom of the bill. Although we were refunded no apology was offered by the staff member.

Submitted on 14/05/2009

Absolutely perfect in every way!

Submitted on 11/05/2009

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