Subway Abbeycentre

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Close to Abbeycentre shopping centre.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

07:00 - 22:00


07:00 - 21:00


11:00 - 20:00

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Subway Abbeycentre

Information and Contact Details

Web Site
Category Sandwich Bar
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address Unit 11 Abbey Trading Estate, Longwood Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT37 9UQ
Phone Number 02890 852 674

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Comments and Reviews on Subway Abbeycentre

There now follows 2 other reviews of Subway Abbeycentre

Not amused with my order!

Ordered 3 veggie subs online for family and I and we all ended up having to add more salad as was one tiny bit of cheese and a few small bits of each salad item I asked for...this is not first time they have done this with sub fillings so we will NOT be ordering from them again unless in store!!

Submitted on 11/09/2020

Ive visited this store on 2 separate occasions and Ive had the same terrible customer experience. It has nothing to do with the food quality but the customer service!!! It's been awful! The girl served me had no skills whatsoever. She was not reacting to anything, she's pretty much thrown the sub towards me! I ordered latte which was put on a side of the couner without giving me any explanation what happens to it or if its even for me. I could've have barely hear the amount i was ment to pay

She was no saying anything! To anyone! I noticed her attitude towards other customers also. I'm lost for words. If i was the manager in this place she would definitely be simply sacked!

I understand the subway it's a take a way but please a little bit of a respect, politeness and very simple thank you to customers!

I wish i could have taken her name. I can only say my experience was on Saturday the 6th of May between 1 and 2pm.

I wouldn't recommend to anyone!

Submitted by G on 07/05/2016

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