Stan and Ollies

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Category Restaurant
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can not takeaway foodYou can not takeaway food
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address Dublin Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland

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Went on Saturday with my wife. Absolutely terrible, came in and sat down, were handed a menu and the waitress returned five minutes later and asked about drinks, when I asked about a drinks menu I was told they hadn't been printed yet, so I had to look the menu up online. So we ordered our food and the starters were fine but the problem was the main meal, I was brought my burger which was fine but my wife was brought a garlic bread instead of the garlic burger she had ordered? So the waiter was apologetic enough, and about fifteen minutes later "rushed" out my wife's burger so I continued with my now cold meal,whilst my wife started her meal,which turned out to be absolutely raw in the middle. We told the waiter, whom apologised and removed them from the bill but no manger came to sort it out, the chef didn't bother saying anything. the whole experience just seemed as though they had no interest in their customers, It was a horrible experience and ruined the evening for us.

Submitted by A hill on 15/10/2014

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