Passage To India

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Passage To India in Donaghadee.

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Passage To India in Donaghadee

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Category Indian
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is a drive throughThere is a drive through
Address 7 High Street
  County Down
  Northern Ireland
  BT21 0AA
Phone Number 028 91889090

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Comments and Reviews on Passage To India

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Delivery service is absalutly terrible !! Food was cold after waiting for an hour and a half. Won't be using this service again!!

Submitted on 18/10/2013

This place has changed owners a few times over the past 8 years that i have used it, and the food quality has risen and fallen along the way as most Indian restaurant/take outs do in my overall experience of using them here and there in NI and the rest of the UK. The current owners are great and provide a decent, good quality of food and service in both the restaurant and take out options.

The restaurant is quite small and is not at all fancy in any respect decor wise. I think the profit margins of this small restaurant and its location doesn't really allow for much investment, so if you wish to visit a really upmarket place this isn't the place to go, but if you want a great easy going meal out this ticks many of the boxes and can look past that very minor issue as you should as you are really there for the food and service experience to start with. You need to bring your own alcohol which is great and makes the overall cost much lower. I find its a great place to visit before you move on to the pub, or just spend hours in with family and friends for a bit of craic. I doubt you will ever be rushed out. Myself and groups of friends have spent hours here in the past having some of the best fun ever as it has such a laid back atmosphere. It would suit all classes of people if all you wish for is great food in a relaxed atmosphere with a non bank breaking bill at the end of the night, and who doesn't like that?

Recently in the last few weeks i have visited the restaurant as they have an excellent deal from Sunday to Friday whereas a customer you can choose two courses for a bargain ten pounds, which is really great value for money these days. The food is as good as any other place i have visited over the years. Sometimes even the dodgiest looking restaurant provides the best food you can experience! (Remember those cool places you find on holiday on the continent that looked below par but provided the best, and you went back ever night, that's what it reminds me of).

They have a decent and varied menu to suit all tastes as expected. The staff are attentive enough and the overall service is good so i cant really fault them in any way. If you can look past the cold and dated entrance and also the eating area decor and just enjoy your food and make your own fun its a place i would highly recommend. Its slightly amusing and quaint. Not for snobs, put it that way.. For good reason they have regular custom as if they fell short of the mark in a small town they would never survive in business.

Fully recommended. 4 stars and just missing 5 because of the decor.

Submitted by Ragnar666 on 31/01/2013

Brilliant value for money. Owner attentive and staff now better trained. Great food!

Submitted on 08/10/2012

the owner gets on very well with his customers and seems very popular, the food is usually very good but he would need to have a look at some of his staff, one in particular that likes to put her night in by keeping her back to the customers and texting on her mobile

Submitted by honest john on 04/09/2011

Have been a couple of times and it varies every time that I have been. The staff are sometimes friendly but they like to talk to themselves on occation and forget about the customers. The food is good sometimes I think it depends on the chef that is on at the time!

Submitted by Andy Cap on 29/05/2010

Good food, good value and service.

Submitted on 30/07/2009

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