Nouvelle Cuisine

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Sandwich bar/coffee bistro & lunch sit-in menu. Specialises in:

Home made scones

Home made soups

Traditional stew

caramel squares/ other traybakes


Panini's / french baguettes with variety of home made fillings.

Another branch of La Cuisine can be found at Duncrue industrial estate.

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Nouvelle Cuisine

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Web Site
Category Cafe
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 648 Antrim Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT15 5GP
Phone Number 028 90778263 or Duncrue 02890 740779
Email [email protected]

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Comments and Reviews on Nouvelle Cuisine

There now follows 16 other reviews of Nouvelle Cuisine

went here for the first time yesterday - loved everything about the place. will definitely be back again soon.

Submitted on 25/01/2013

I went for lunch with my wife. The food was fine, not great by any means. We both asked for a glass of water. It was tap water and i assumed it was free. i was surprised to find they charged us £1.75 per glass. Overall i would say it is more expensive than anything else. On that basis i would not go back as i have had much nicer food for much less money else where....

Submitted by m on 05/07/2011

Upon visiting Belfast last fall,I don't know what impressed me more, the breathtaking scernery, the most lovely people or the amazing food at La Cuisine ! We ate there twice

Submitted by Foodies from Vegas on 01/03/2011

I've been going there at least once a month for the past few years for the lunch time service. The que doesn't bother me at all as I know what's waiting inside, and luckily I rarely have to face it as I'm down for just before twelve-ish. The menu is always changing (aside from the regular favorites and order your own paninis) I never feel rushed and find that the staff have a "happy to leave you alone policy" even in busy periods, I take my time and enjoy my hearty food and elegant surroundings. A must eat!!!

Submitted on 09/11/2010

La Cuisine is possibly one of the best eating places in Belfast. The flavours in the food are excellent and contrary to the previous reviewer, the menu changes on a daily basis! Also, it's now open in the evenings which should be welcome news for the reviewer below and you can byo, an added bonus! Portion sizes are very good and always leave feeling satisfied and full. Have tried most things on the menu but feel that their pate, soup, chicken goujons and fillet steak are the best I've ever tasted. Duck starters is also excellent but then again, I'm a little biased as I eat here on a regular basis. If you haven't been, you don't know what you're missing!!!!

Submitted by M on 04/11/2010

enjoy La cuisine but agree it is over priced with little on offer on the way of specials. More competition could endice management to get on their toes on what to offer customers. Menu rarely changes!

Submitted by mairead mcshane on 02/11/2010

On reading a few of the comments I can say that I think you get what you pay for, the very fact that there is always a queue signifies that people want good food and are willing to pay for it. I know I am! When calling in at lunchtime I just want to eat and get back to work so I haven't felt pressure to leave, I suggest those who do feel this pressure go towards the end of a busy's not rocket science. I wish it was open more often too as I would like to enjoy the food in a night time service with a glass of wine...La Cuisine keep doing what you do, I love it.

Submitted by Well pleased on 01/09/2010

i go to la cuisine at least once a week and have been so for a few years. food is delicious and staff are friendly. sometimes you've to wait a while to be seated but its well worth it goujons stack is gorgeous.

Submitted on 25/08/2010

Must agree with a previous reviewer, this is an expensive little restaurant/coffee shop. Lovely food, friendly service, but definitely over-priced and people are willing to pay as it has a bit of a monopoly on the area. There's ALWAYS a queue, so go at 12ish or 2ish to try your luck. Staff are too quick to try and get you fed and out of there as fast as possible! Such a pity you can't relax and enjoy your food/cuppa without this pressure. Biggest complaint is that it closes for a couple of weeks in July and at Christmas - surely when families, etc. are off and more likely to eat out? Doesn't make any business sense at all to close over any holiday period at all. Perhaps a good manager could deal with this major gripe of ours (and many, many others I know). Hope so!

Submitted on 13/05/2010

My Friend and I had a lovely lunch today we had the peppered Chicken Stroganoff.I would love the receip to try at home.I will definetly will call again

Submitted by Pat McCaughey on 16/04/2010

A fairly basic but pleasant menu, with something to suit most people. Clean, friendly, quick and very tasty. Arrive early as there is almost always a queue of at least 8 people throughout the entire lunchtime period.

Submitted by Jonathan on 22/08/2009

Great food although expensive for it being on par with a coffee shop. Very quick service but often you are made to feel under pressure to vacate table which removes having a relaxing lunch.

Submitted on 27/07/2009

My friend brought my fianc?e and I today for lunch. Great atmosphere, great food and friendly staff. Best scampi I have had in twenty years.

Could not fault La Cuisine. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Kieran Gallagher on 26/06/2009


Submitted by Claire on 06/02/2009

Simple food done well but a good range of other dishes. Great sized portions, pleasant casual setting and efficient staff. Prices are fair reflection of quality food. Definite recommendation for anyone seeking a substancial, good tasting lunch!

Submitted on 05/09/2008

Maybe not the most exciting menu in the world but always very tasty and fresh. Staff are lovely. Very pleasant for lunch. Would definitley recommend.

Submitted on 28/08/2008

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