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Mr Indian in Dunmurry

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Category Indian
Sit In You can not sit inNo Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 178 Kingway
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT17 9AD
Phone Number 02890615444

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Comments and Reviews on Mr Indian

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13 October 2018

Just had lovely take away meal from Mr. Indian. We had tandoori meat for starter and lamb Bhuna for mains. It was accompanied by popadom, naan bread and dip

All was piping hot and very tasty.

Submitted by Mary on 13/10/2018

Terrible customer service. So rude on the phone. Sent us a burnt pizza, and when i say burnt it was cremated, black. Called back and they where apologetic and offered us a free pizza on the house next time. We didnt ask for the free one next time because wverywhere has their off days. Everytime from then when called, before they even ask for the address the guy behind the counter says "yes what do you want" then proceeds to hang up the phone before you can even order drinks or dips. Had to call back, same again rude and hung up. Then the delivery driver had a go at my friend for not giving the guy on the phone the code to the gate. She had actually called back to give then it because he hung up on her. Food again was lovely only had one bad experience but the attitude of the guy behind the counter and the deliver driver was shocking.

Submitted by Oisin on 07/08/2017

well if Fat Mick says its powerful its good enough for me!

Submitted by Fat Olivia on 04/02/2012

this place has to be the best kebab shop ever, there nann bread is 1st class and there ability to make your very own kebab to suit your taste is outstanding, never once have i had a bad meal from here and i am always looking for new versions that mr indian offers in there kekabs, but if you want a tasy kebab have a mixed kebab (chicken tikka, lamb tikka, doner meat) with fried onion and fresh chilli peppers all wrapped up in nann bread and served with chilli and garlic sauce, throw in a can of coke and have it delivered to your door for under £6.50, a bargain at that and a belly filler, i have also ate there curries and reccommend the chicken and lamb tikka vindaloo with rice and garlic nann bread, plenty of meat and just enough for two, its on the hot side but can be made milder or hotter to suit yor tatse, all in all this is by far the best kebab shop i have eaten from and believe me i have been eating from kebab shops for over 15 years now, so i guess i can give a heads up on this one.. p.s i eat here twice a week, firday night is kebab night and wedensday is curry night.. enjoy..

Submitted by big bert on 10/06/2011

I simply adore their food - makes my mouth water...even my dog Toby champs it up (tony needs to be put down! but thats another story) Order, right now....if you have any left-overs please drop them over to me and toby!

Great...very much sooooo......Bekki

Submitted by bekki bates on 28/12/2010

i hurt there is new place opening in dunmurry near lagmore services station calls Mr Kebab.they had some advertisement in local news paper.i hope they are good as they are not far from place where we live otherwise had to go to mr indian

Submitted by james on 22/10/2010

best staff and food in the world

Submitted by john on 10/10/2010

kebabs are rotten alis next door is way way better but there currys are nice

Submitted by rangers fc on 02/10/2010

Powerful food! Best place in the whole of d-murry... maybe even the world!!

Submitted by Fat Mick H on 25/08/2010

mr indain is perfect food for a takeaway at resturant made and delivered to your down awesome place which i see got new look and it looks amazing ppl go get out of mr indain i promise you wont be dissapointed

Submitted by local customer on 08/07/2010

nicest place on the road

Submitted by colin on 05/07/2010

we are always impressed with the set meal for a tenner (as mentioned above) soo much grub - a banquet of delicious delights - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm more, I am ordering right now! CRISPY!

Submitted by caroline and Debs on 27/06/2010

mr indian has the best kababs theyy rock and they do geat meal deals

Submitted by tony cullen on 28/04/2010

This is Da Bomb !!!!!!! Love there food

Submitted by bronagh h on 07/12/2009

if u want to eat quality indian food, this is the place

Submitted by adnan on 04/11/2009

just ordered a kebab just there now hopefully it taste great as usual

Submitted by connor dahouuuuuuu on 01/09/2009

Mr Indian's Kebabs are da BOMB!

Submitted by Ricky Allen on 10/07/2009

I like Mr Indian as it opens late, they always forget to give me a drink when i order one, apart from that, there food is dead on :D

Submitted by Mary Doll on 01/04/2009

Food always arrives promptly and hot. The food quality is always top notch.

Their set meal for one is excellent value at £10 for your choice of starter, a main course, a side dish, rice, naan, a poppadum and has way too much food for one person - it's perfect for sharing, though. I usually get that and an extra main course and that feeds myself and my three children.

I've always found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful. And now I've written my review, I'm giving them a call!

Submitted by Regular customer on 04/03/2009

staff are unbelievably surley, delivery service is poor. food, if all of what you order arrives, is not bad.

Submitted by local on 01/03/2009

made a mistake in my vote and brought down the quality of food percentage. Food is really really good. Have alot of experience of Indian food and was really love the madras here. Restaurant quality, nice staff too.

Submitted by Nuala on 05/02/2009

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