McDonalds Carryduff

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McDonald's on Saintfield Road.

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McDonalds Carryduff

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Category Fast Food
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is a drive throughThere is a drive through
Address Saintfield Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT8 8EU
Phone Number 028 90817247

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I am in 25 min now an two table,s not cleaned he is walking pass them any other ones I go to they are

Submitted by Mr Dixon on 31/08/2018

Ordered at the drive through. One quarter pound cheeseburger, one big mac, two small plain cheeseburgers (plain - no garnish whatsoever) and 3 fries. Drove away and before we got home checked the bag to ensure we had the correct order to find McDonalds had put all the food in the bag. Found we were missing the Big Mac so returned to get this. Drove home and found that when we opened the wrappers that they had given us the burgers all fully dressed; ie the plain cheeseburgers ordered had garnish on them. Tried to scrape the garnish off, but ended up throwing them in the bin. When we phoned the restaurant, the manager stated that we should really open all the wrappers to check we had the correct items before leaving the premises. Don't think I will be returning to this McDonald restaurant!

Submitted on 29/12/2013

I hate cheese. Several times I have requested a burger without cheese from McDonalds only to find when I get home that the cheese is still there. It got to the point that I always had to open my bag before leaving the premises, thus loosing heat. Tonight, on the way home from rugby, my wife and I called in for a burger to take home. The order: 2 X quarter meals, one with cheese and one without (usual garnish on both). Quite simple really you would think. We asked when given the meal at the hatch if we were being given 2 X quarter meals (i.e what we had ordered), one without cheese. This was confirmed by the member of staff. Big mistake by us not to open the bag!!! When we got home, we did indeed have one quarter meal with cheese and garnish (which was great for the other half), the other burger had cheese on both sides with no garnish!!!! Pathetic.

Submitted by David Heaney on 14/09/2012

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