McDonalds Abbey Centre

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McDonalds Abbey Centre

McDonalds Abbey Centre is found outsdie Abbey Centre, but within its car park.

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Food Type
Fast Food
Longwood Road
County Antrim
Post Code
BT37 9UH

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Northern Ireland > County Antrim > Newtownabbey > McDonalds Abbey Centre

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got a drive-through. Order was slightly wrong, missing a hash brown.

Submitted on 25th May 2024

Very disappointed. I live in Carrickfergus and the McDonalds there is much better. First of all in Abbey Centre I was served by a very rude worker and then had to wait for a long time to get my meal. The worker also didn't give me chips and I had to go back to ask for them. She claimed that I didn't ask for them but I know that chips are included in any meal. I would definitely not recommend this place.

Submitted on 2nd November 2015

I have ordered a few times going through yr drive through. I have notice it takes longer and longer for the order to be in my hands. It took me this morning 20 min waiting on two wee breakfast muffins. I have called in before about this poor service a few times but still no change!!!! I have also been put off by this, and there for refuse to go to mcdanalds abbey centre as i know i am going to wait forever and choose to go to a diff take away breakfast shop as a sit in service is a shorter time for me. Please work on this as the service level is shocking at the min and something will have to be done otherwise u will loose more customers!

Submitted by Mrs Brown on 19th February 2014

Sometimes I go to the drive threw, I always order a large meal because I want the chips and 9 times out of 10 when you get home the chips are never filled right so you only end up with chips from a medium meal when you paid for large, never seems to happen when you sit in funnily enough.

Also when using the drive threw, they always seem to forget something that you have ordered and paid for (like tonight they nearly forgot one of the kids drinks and did forget a choc muffin), very frustrating when you have to drive back round and get it. Think when you are paying good money for meals for the whole family, you shouldn't have to check your food before driving home...very fed up being disappointed.

Submitted on 16th February 2012

Just went on here to check out the phone number but have to agree with the previuos reviewer. I use the restaurant 1-2 per month but nearly always find you get the'standard' meal rather than your stated preference. Burger King are very good at customising yuor meal but McD's really seem to struggle. The food is tasty but can be ruined if you don't get what you ordered ....

Submitted by johnny price on 19th October 2009

I went to the McDonalds at Abbey Centre today and asked for a Big Mac Meal with no cheese and instead i got a Big Mac Meal with cheese..i was very dissapointed so obviously the staff don't listen to customers orders...

Submitted by Chris on 11th September 2009

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