La Tasca Victoria Square

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Welcome to La Tasca, Belfast-Victoria Square! Authentic cuisine and friendly hospitality create a unique atmosphere to be enjoyed by everyone.

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La Tasca Victoria Square in Belfast

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Category Restaurant
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can not takeaway foodYou can not takeaway food
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address Unit SFC4, Victoria Square Shopping Centre 2nd Floor
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT1 4QG
Phone Number 0845 1262948
Fax Number 0845 1262929
Email [email protected]

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Comments and Reviews on La Tasca Victoria Square

There now follows 6 other reviews of La Tasca Victoria Square

We decided to go to La Tasca Victoria Square for a Valentines meal. This was are first visit and my husband and I choose the set meal ?19.99 each.

The food was good ( a bit rushed though) and the glass of Cava was ok.

My only fault was we booked our table for 7.30pm the place is open to 10pm but by 9pm we felt as if we were being pushed out as the staff began to clear vacant tables and blow out candles. I know they are eager to get home early but do they need to make it so obvious.

Submitted by Kate on 14/02/2010

The food here is really not very good quality. It takes 45 minutes to get paella. We order olives

Submitted by Jane on 19/05/2009

My friend and went to la tasca and ordered several tapas from the menu. As my mother is spanish and i enjoy spanish food i thought i would enjoy eating at la Tasca. However i was sorely disappointed.

I'm aware that tapas are only to be finger food but the portions are ridiculous to share! The tortilla alone was barely enough for one person.

We also ordered a jug of sangria which was over ?11...may I add that this is a rather small jug and it tasted exactly the same as the cheap sangria i normally purchase from the supermarket in spain at 50p a ltr!!

The staff were quite attentive, however when one of the waitresses brought the wrong thing to us she started arguing in spanish to another waitress and quite agressively approached us to confirm which dish we had ordered. I don't think they realise that there are some people in the resturant who actually understand spanish!!

Overall i was very disappointed. I wouldnt say the food was delicious...just average and overall our bill came to ?56 which i thought was very expensive. Not to mention i was still starving!! I do not recommend La Tasca.

Submitted by Jennifer on 19/05/2009

ate here before theatre. quiet early evening. waiter very friendly and attentive whilst not intrusive. were doing a 50% off promotion -otherwise food would have been quite expensive, but was tasty

Submitted on 13/04/2009

I have to say I totally disagree with the previous review on this site. I had the paella and it was very good. They also had a Spanish style kids menu which my 2 children,who are both under 5, thoroughly enjoyed. The service was fine, the paella took a while to prepare but the staff were very attentive and with our consent served the children first. The previous reviewer must be one of these people who are impossible to please. I have plenty of experience of Spanish cuisine and overall I'd give it a good solid 7/10 and will have no hesitation returning in the not too distant future.

Submitted by John on 02/04/2009

The food here is really poor quality. It is re-heated and micro-waved, seriously. Tapas are meant to be fresh, small dishes, easily cooked and served quickly. We found none of this. All of our dishes were like re-heated meals from the previous day. Never again.

Submitted by Pete on 31/01/2009

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