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3 mile radius. ?1 delivery charge.

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Happy House in Belfast

Information and Contact Details

Category Chinese
Sit In You can not sit inNo Sit-in
Take Away You can not takeaway foodYou can not takeaway food
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 355 Antrim Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT15 3BG
Phone Number 028 90746732

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There now follows 5 other reviews of Happy House

I have been eating out of her for a long time and I find the food excellent. Good Food, Quick delivery. Keep it up folks

Submitted by Roodvan2000 (Eddie) on 08/12/2011

to the moaner going on about how it was ?10.40 blah blah.... zzzz ... OH! thats lies. ive eaten there for a long time. I dont think the foods gr8 at all BUT.. the people on the phone are english. and the drivers during the week are genuine nice hard working guys that i know personally. If you have a complaint you should sort it out , not go round bad mouthing ppl u dont know and lieng.

Submitted by jackie belfast on 10/09/2009

We order from the Happy House regularly and are always pleased. The food is delicious and always piping hot when it comes (which is quite quickly). I never order from anywhere else and short of it falling down I probably won't!!

Submitted by Grainne House on 11/08/2009

Although the food was good the service was dreadful. Although I was happy that the food didn't always take very long, (I ordered in from the Happy house regularly) And they'd only gotten my order wrong twice out of about twenty times and they were poliet and apologetic when we called to complain, though these mistakes could have ended badly (Allergies). Since these mistakes we continued to order due to how fast they got there and how nice the food was, also it wasn't too overly priced.


After ordering our usual which came to a total of £10.40 the delivery man was at the door, I ran to get some change, I had mistakenly handed the delivery man £20, he repeated the price over and over as I brought him the 40p, but pretty much "legged it" as soon as I'd given him the 40p. I thought nothing of it and returned to my food.

less than an hour later I had realised my mistake and immediately put two and two together and was most certain I'd given him the £20 we were missing.


I tried calling the Happy house and asked for a manager, of which I received "not here. not here" I then asked for someone who "speaks English", "someone Else" "Another person" "Another worker" To which I was replied "Where's that?" "No. No. We don't have that"

It took 4 phone calls and almost an hour to finally get one woman with broken english on the phone. When I asked for someone with better english I was told to Call another chinese if I wanted to speak to someone in english...

The staff Do Not Speak English.

The Manager is Unreachable.

I was Shortchanged(No Change at all)

They were Very Very Rude.

Submitted by Ceelie on 05/08/2009

Very friendly and good service. Open plan kitchen and very clean.

Submitted by BJ McKevitt on 30/06/2008

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