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Ginger, run by Simon McCance bistro and found off Great Victoria Street. Serves vegetarian dishes alongside appealing fish and meat dishes.

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Category Restaurant
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can not takeaway foodYou can not takeaway food
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 7-8 Hope Street
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT12 5EE
Phone Number 028 90244421

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I've eaten in Ginger (just the once sadly, as we're not locals) and our meal was excellent. Staff were lovely, the prices were very reasonable and the food was just yummy. So what if they don't have steak - there's no legal requirement for every restaurant in the land to serve sirloin burnt to the consistency of shoe leather as per the customer's request. I've no doubt they serve what is freshest, most available and seasonally appropriate. I don't eat steak every time I go out to eat and I don't see what the huge kerfuffle is about not having it once in a while. Some people should just stick to soup, steak and black forest gateau with a wee Irish Coffee in the appropriate places...


Submitted by babaduck on 12/03/2009

Worst review about anything ever. Honestly.

Submitted by Bob on 07/03/2009

After hearing so much about Ginger restaurant I was really looking forward to a nice meal. I have to say I was very dissappointed to find no chicken or beef on the menu mainly fish and vegetarian dishes. I do like fish but this night I really would have liked a steak. After talking to the waiter we were told that the chef would not serve beef for fear that one of his customers would send it back for not being good beef I personally thought this was a lame excuse because if he was any kind of chef he would know he would only have to look at beef ito know if it was a good cut or not. The starter was a disaster as the vegtables in the minestrone soup were hard so I wasnt having a good night. As we were leaving the waiter asked if we enjoyed our meal to which I replied no and explained the no beef or chicken his response was that it is his restaurant and he can cook whatever he likes. I am always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt bu I can guarantee I will not return to this restaurant.

Upon discussing my night out with a colleague I have since discovered that the chef is a vegetarian and a fish company own 60% of there business so I can see now why there is so much fish on the menu. You still need to give the customer what they want

Submitted by Mrs B Caulfield on 13/05/2008

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