For Cod and Ulster

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The menu in For Cod and Ulster includes...

The 'B' Special's (100% Beef Burgers)

Ian Paisley - bacon, cheese, salad and an onion ring & any sauce!

Gerry Adams - bacon, cheese, salad & any sauce

The Maze - fried onions, mushrooms with any sauce

The Causeway - bacon, pineapple, salad and sauce

The Scotchie - fried Egg with a choice of Sauce

The Glenman - say cheese!

The Blueman - plain as you like

The Titanic




Ya' Big Chicken (100% Chicken Breast)

George Best - bird on top beef down below (1/4 beef burger, chicken breast, salad and sauce)

Belfast Giant - giant onion rings, lettuce, tomato with any sauce

The Boyne - bacon, pineapple, salad with any sauce

The Drumcree - bacon, cheese, salad with a choice of sauce

The Lambeg - say cheese!

The Red Hand - plain as you like

Goliath's Goujons - 4 chunky chicken goujons and dip

All the Breast - a finger lickin' chicken breast

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For Cod and Ulster

Information and Contact Details

Web Site
Category Chip Shop
Sit In You can not sit inNo Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 281 Albertbridge Road
  County Down
  Northern Ireland
  BT5 4BY
Phone Number 079 5099 9641
Email [email protected]

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Comments and Reviews on For Cod and Ulster

There now follows 8 other reviews of For Cod and Ulster

brilliant name and brilliant food will definitely return for another gerry adams burger

Submitted by Gerry Adams on 01/02/2024

Best food iv have in long time, fabulous

Submitted by The Dog on 24/01/2018

thank 'cod', this hideous tacky chain has gone under. It was a blot on the landscape in ballyhackamore

Submitted by stevo on 21/05/2010

Had A fish supper best ive tasted yet!!!! will gladly drive 50 mile for another.

Great Customer Service Fantastic fed family for under ?14 including drinks (2 adults and Child)

Submitted by Wesley on 02/03/2010

not bad, but tried a wee place called valentinos not too far from kilkeel, think this place is better, hope you don,t mind me saying this .

Submitted by wee billy on 08/07/2009

The best pastie i have every had, can't wait to have another.

Submitted by Brian Coburn on 12/08/2008

You can get a laugh and something to eat at the same time.

Submitted on 25/05/2008

Definitly the best fish

Submitted by John on 26/11/2007

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