Chop Stick House

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Cantonese and Peking Cuisine Carry Out

traditional cantonese roast meat and lunch

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Category Chinese
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesDelivers food to your home via telephone
Drive - Through There is no drive throughThere is no drive through
Address 102 Strandmillis Road
  County Antrim
  Northern Ireland
  BT9 5AE
Phone Number 028 90663966

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end bar rating of Chop Stick House end bar 73/100 23 Votes

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end bar rating of Chop Stick House end bar 70/100 21 Votes

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end bar rating of Chop Stick House end bar 62/100 19 Votes

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end bar rating of Chop Stick House end bar 31/100 21 Votes


end bar rating of Chop Stick House end bar 70/100 21 Votes

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Best Chinese takeaway in Belfast and also great to sit in for a quick meal, big menu and great vegetarian selection!

Submitted on 20/01/2011

Lovely place to eat.. Try it and bet you will fall in love

Submitted on 21/12/2010

the best local restaurant, i love it.

staffs are friendly over the phone when taking your order. nice smile

Submitted by Catherine on 25/04/2010

Love this place, in my opinion the best Chinese in Belfast. Under new management this year. Fantastic food, really clean, great vegetarian selection and cater to special requests. Love their chili salted tofu!!

Submitted on 30/03/2010

nice place and nice service :)

Submitted by black on 02/12/2009

Fab place!! Love the food, handsome staff...can't wait for the outdoor seating!!!! Any chance of drive through?!

Submitted on 08/08/2009

Love this place i only wish they had a fancy place cause it could be lovely

Submitted on 26/07/2009


Submitted by T on 30/05/2009

It's my local chinese. I'm a regular and havn't had bad food or bad service yet.

NOTE TO SITE ADMIN: You can Sit In or Take Away from here.

Submitted on 27/02/2009

was there off the cuff one friday night after a few drinks in the area found this little restuarant in stranmillis. A friend and i had a huge craving for chinese food so headed in here the curry was excellent and the satay kebabs were fantastic. Service was very good the little chinese guy that served our table was very polite and funny he made fun of his missing tooth!

Submitted by adam rogers on 13/08/2008

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