Burger King Forestside

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Burger King Forestside is found in Drumkeen Retail Park. Has a drive-through.

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Burger King Forestside

Information and Contact Details

Web Site http://www.burgerking.co.uk/
Category Fast Food
Sit In You can Sit-inYou can Sit-in
Take Away You can take food awayYou can take food away
Deliveries Provides DeliveriesNo home deliveries
Drive - Through There is a drive throughThere is a drive through
Address 4 Bradford Court, Drumkeen Retail Park
  County Down
  Northern Ireland
  BT8 6RB
Phone Number 028 90690960

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Comments and Reviews on Burger King Forestside

There now follows 9 other reviews of Burger King Forestside

Best Burger King in Belfast so clean and the service is excellent wouldn’t go any where else

Submitted by Jo on 18/01/2020

The staff at this franchise are always very pleasant and helpful, often going out of their way to help me to my seat with my meal or ensuring there is no salt added to my chips. The food is always fresh and hot and presented neatly on the tray. Their recent renovation of the restaurant is very pleasing and inviting.

However, the management leaves much to be desired, i have witnessed arguments between the managers and customers and have witnessed nasty comments being exchanged. I have also felt like i am being rushed when placing my order with certain individuals.

overall i am happy to eat here regularly, the food is lovely and within my price range and I'm (usually) greeted warmly by staff.

Submitted by Susan Hart on 15/01/2014

Do not leave the Drive through until you have checked that your order is correct...I asked for one chicken royale with lettuce no mayo and a veggie burger- no cheese-the assistant repeated what we had asked for....got home to find the chicken burger swamped in mayo no lettuce and three slices of cheese on the veggie burger...had to scrape as much of the mayo as I could of my son`s chicken burger and gave the veggie burger to the dog as I cannot eat cheese....I couldnt go back to BK as my partner had taken the car back to work, so phoned BK and spoke to the manager , he was very nice and offered free meals to compensate but I declined, Im not looking for free meals just want them to get the order right in the first place...

Submitted by Elizabeth McCloskey on 01/11/2012

I found the customer service very good, the seating area was exceptionally clean with staff continually washing down seating areas, tables and clearing away left over food which some people don't seem to realise that the bin is located within the restaurant for that purpose! Will be back.

Submitted by Blargo on 02/08/2012

I found the customer service to be excellent and the restaraunt itself to be very clean and welcoming. The food was lovely and woth the money and the staff were all very friendly the girl who served me was called Cathy and she was very helpful as we had 3 kids with us too

Submitted on 27/02/2012

I come here now and again and the food is usually to a good standard, staff are friendly, the restaurant is kept clean as are the toilets.

Submitted by Kasey on 28/01/2012

The service is what you would expect from a fast food joint where the staff are making minimum wage or thereabouts. They still stock vanilla milkshakes which is nice. It's much better than the Burger king in the city centre which appears to be very badly managed. If the previous comment is to believed and the drive thru is bad then I would advise drivers to get off the lazy back sides and order inside (hardly rocket science). Spanner!

Submitted by Pistol Bullet on 06/11/2011

have eaten at this burger king many times and have found the food and the service to be excellent. the restaurant is kept clean to a high standard and the staff are pleasant and very helpful. i would recommend this restaurant to anyone and will continue to use this particular venue whenever i am in the area.

Submitted by L. Casey on 18/09/2011

appauling. service terrible. couldnt understand properly what was being asked of me. meal all wrong. no napkins, sauces etc given or asked if i wanted. meal cold. have eaten in here before and all fine, drive thru absolutely terrible. dont go

Submitted by fdcrit on 13/05/2011

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